01What languages does TSF Company support on its website?

At present, Tavangaran Company provides support in Persian and English. In the future, we plan to expand our support to include additional languages such as Arabic and Russian also.

02What services does TSF offer on its website?

The website provides services related to selling our manufactured and trad products, and specific services which you can know more about them on services section.

03What services are offered in the 'Services' section?

Our Services section offers consultancy services in the areas of setting up and optimizing production lines, sales and trade support, and technical and engineering services to our esteemed clients.

04How can I view the general products offered by TSF Company on the website?

Valued customers can check the range of general products offered by Tavangaran Company by accessing the ‘Manufactured Products’ section within the Services category on the website.

01What kinds of services does Tavangaran Customer Club provide?

Valued customers can access various services through the Customer Club and control all steps of their requests online.
They can make requests such as proforma invoices inquiries, equivalence product inquiries, filing complaints, sample requests, checking payment balances, and view all related records regarding these matters.

02How can we join the Customer Club?

To access the Customer Club page, you can simply click on the links provided in the top or bottom menus of the website labeled as ‘Customer Club’.

03How can I obtain my Customer Club username?

All TSF customers are provided with a username and password for the Customer Club. To obtain this information, customers can correspond with their contact person in sales department.